Tuesday, 2 August 2011

GoodRead - Forever

As you guys know, I kinda love this series. I Loved Shiver, really liked Linger and now, am here, about to write the third and final book in the trilogy, Forever, and I have no idea where to start!

We start very quickly after Linger (if you watch the video below where Maggie Stiefvater reads the prologue of Forever, she kinda sums it up), where Grace is missing (seeing as she's, now, a wolf) and Sam (the love of her life), Cole is trying to find a cure and Isabel's dad is trying to set up a hunt to kill all the wolves of Mercy Falls. But can Grace and Sam's love survive this? Not only that, but will they all survive to see tomorrow?

Now, I love the series. I admit that from the start so trying to write this up is kinda hard. Not because I want to gush about it, but Forever went in a direction that no one saw coming! It's also the darkest out of the trilogy, finally answering questions that readers have been wondering since Shiver.

It also seems to be that, not only did Maggie want to take us down a path that no one expected, that she always pulls the rug from right under us and make us question everything we have thought were solid.

Expect the love stories. These two love stories are still wonderful! Grace and Sam's relationship is still sweet, endearing and respectful whereas Cole and Isabel (still my fave character and I still heard KaDee Strickland [Dr Charlotte King from Private Practice] speaking Isabel's words) is still violate and filled with sparks and sexual tension. And both these very different love stories (and having each chapter being told by one of these four) makes Forever an interesting read.

Yes, there are some places in the book that are a bit slow but Maggie's writing is, as always, wonderful and one of the main reasons why I read this series. Shiver is a wonderful start of the trilogy (and a perfect standalone, if you're too lazy to read the trilogy) and Forever makes a bittersweet yet somehow-perfect end to our visits to Mercy Falls.


  1. lovely review and my thoughts exactly! Cole is my favourite character but my favourite pair are Cole and Isabelle!

  2. What an absolutely fabulous review :D