Tuesday, 9 August 2011

GoodRead - My Soul To Lose

There's something very wrong with Kaylee Cavanaugh. All she wanted to do was going shopping with her best friend, Em, and plot revenge of how to get even with the guy who ditched her for Em for the prom. Instead, she finds herself screaming. For no reason. And she can't stop. So much so, she has to be sedated and wakes up inside a mental hospital…

I have a copy of the first Soul Screamers books - My Soul to Take - and have been meaning to read it for quite some time (lack of time & amount of books. Plus, have you seen the UK cover? Scary or what?!). But, after winning a special (very glittery) hardback copy of The Iron King from the UK publisher, Mira Ink, I thought I would investigate this series further. So, when I was told there was a free ebook prequel from the author's - Rachel Vincent - site, I went on there and downloaded it.

This is a fast-read of a prequel. Just over 70 pages or thereabouts. And this prequel, to me, seems to be answering questions that happen later in the series that fans of the series will get and understand. For someone like myself, who is entering the series through this then My Soul to Take, it asks questions that are never truly answered.

I liked Kaylee - she's easily likeable and you are shocked and horrified to the events that happen to her. But, like I said, the story asks questions that are never answered in this short story, teasing you to read the series completely.

I like My Soul to Lose, but if you are starting this series, don't read this first! Read this after the second or third novels in the series, My Soul to Save or My Soul to Keep. There is, also, another free ebook novella from Rachel Vincent website - Reaper - that takes place after My Soul To Keep so I would say if you wanted to read them, read both of these free eBooks AFTER My Soul to Keep. Hopefully, these will explain and answer questions that fans have asked and wanted answers…

(FYI: I am going to try and read My Soul to Take in the near future [hopefully] so that will be the real start to this series.)

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