Sunday, 31 August 2014

Books And Their Theme Songs - Volume 25

Volume 25?! Can you guys believe that this has been going on for 25 blog posts?! I am shocked and thrilled over this! You guys know that I love music and discovering new (well, to me) music! And if I love a book, music usually attaches itself to the book!

So, what music has attached itself to my reads in the past few months? Well, with no more waffle, enjoy the music. And if you have read the books in question and have your own songs attached to them, share! I would love to know what you guys listen to while you read!

Anyway, off we go!

"Human" by Christina Perri and "Kings" by The Pierces

THE SILKWORM by Robert Galbraith
"High Tide Rising" by Fox (with "Call Off Your Ghost" by Dessa and "Landline" by Greg Laswell featuring Ingrid Michaelson)

AS RED AS BLOOD by Salla Simukka
"We Hit A Wall" by Chelsea Wolfe

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