Friday, 22 August 2014

GoodRead - Swamp Bones

As you might be aware of you have been following my blog for quite a while, I am a bit of a Kathy Reichs fan. So, when I saw this pop up on NetGalley, I knew I had to get my kindle on it! 

Set in the Florida's Everglades, all Dr Temperance Brennan wanted was a holiday. A break from the chaos that is her life. But, sadly for her, she stumbles into a case. The bones of a foot, found inside the stomach of a python... Now, evidence shows that the python didn't kill the victim 

I really enjoyed reading this. It was fun and fast and very Tempe. It's been a while since I read Kathy Reichs (last year - I know, feels like ages!) and it feels like ages where we focused on the case and on Tempe's humour. The previous cases have focus not only on these two elements but on Ryan (her ex boyfriend), Katy (her daughter) or her ex-husband, Pete. And it was a bit refreshing to read solely on the case and the return of some of the technical jargon (well... on pythons, that is. Pythons are a big thing in this eNovella). 

Comparing this to Bones In Her Pocket, Kathy's first eNovella, I much prefer this story better. Now sure why, though as they are kinda the same vibe. 

But fans of Tempe will love this latest adventure with Tempe, although someone might want to tell Tempe to say in the morgue as going out  to do police business, alone, will get her killed one of these days...!

(PS - sneaky peek of Tempe's next book, Bones Never Lie, [that title always makes me this of the Sharika song, Hips Don't Lie. Is Kathy Reichs a secret Sharkia fan?] is in this and I am quite excited to read it. Either this or the two copies of Kathy Reichs I nabbed from a charity shop - Bones Are Forever [a secret James Bond fan?] and Fatale Voyage [one I won't be reading on a plane, I sense...])

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