Saturday, 27 September 2014

Bookish Brit Alert!

I have news. Weird news but NEWS! I am now becoming a member of the Bookish Brits team!

Ok, the random story behind it. I was asked AGES ago if I wanted to join, but I got scared of videos, my voice, the horror that is editing videos so I said no, but offered to do guest videos. After watching one of the group's videos (I think it was Fiona's Books On My Kindle I Still Haven't Read Yet [here's the video in question] and Michelle's reply of My Unread Kindle Reads [Video is here for your pleasure]) I just laughed and went "THAT'S NOTHING! You haven't seen my kindle!". Like this gif, if you want an mental image...

So, asking their Twitter if I could record my unread kindle list, they said "Sure, go for it...". So, quickly recorded a video (it took a while as my Kindle list was longer than I thought!) and sent it to Michelle via email. A few days later, I decided to do two more videos, just because. One was a Book Tower Challenge and the other was a question about a Harry Potter character (let's keep some surprise, shall we?)

These were meant to be guest vlogs. That's all.

Expect... Michelle asked if I wanted to become a full-time member again. And this time, I thought "I had fun doing these videos. Not sure why, but why not!".

So, I am now the tenth member of Bookish Brits. Which basically means once a fortnight, I have to record and upload a video (I have three already, but I think Michelle or Caroline will upload for me. If not, I am screwed as I think I have deleted them from my computer...).

So, my "First" video will be end of October/beginning of November...

And I hope to make my videos cool enough to be worthy of the channel. So, my videos (I hope) will be a nice mix of bookish things (reviews, tags [within reason], discussions, reading music and my love of all things geeky and food & tea/coffee-related). Which means I have to read books that I will review here and maybe not review here. Books that might include reactions like these:

Sorry, a mix of emotions. But yes, I will be reading books that will either contain these emotions or I will react like this. Sorry in advance.

But I sense you guys who will be watching my videos will be shouting this at your computer screen:

And after that, I will be begging viewers to come back to the channel as my videos are driving everyone away!

But please stay and watch me joining the team! If you want to watch, go to and subscribe (that would be lovely of you). You can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr as well.

Now, because I have wasted your time with this news, I shall leave you with one more gif and I think you'll love me because of it...


  1. This is brilliant news - I'm sure you'll be an excellent 10th member of the Bookish Brits team :)

    1. You should be excited. And scared. I plan to talk A LOT about Potter...