Tuesday, 2 September 2014

GoodRead - The Snake Charm

I should have written my review/thoughts and feelings for The 100 by Kass Morgan that a bunch of bloggers and myself are reading together. But I decided quite earlier on that I wouldn't be writing my review (or recording. A warning, Bookish Brits. A scary warning indeed) till I have read the sequel, Day 21.

But after reading The 100, a few of us agreed to take a tiny break before diving into Day 21 (which I hope to start reading tonight/tomorrow!), I decided I wanted to read something small and fast. And, on pure impulse (and the fact I go this free! FREE!), I went straight to The Snake Charm, the first eNovella in the Vestigial Tale series by Laura Lam, the author of the amazing Pantomime (if you haven't read this book, go! Read it! Here is my review but, trust me, get your hands on this!). 

In a prequel (of sorts), we discover the events at R.H. Ragona’s Circus of Magic that happened before Micah Grey joined. The white clown, Drystan, acts like an idiot, but it watches. Behind the smile, is a man who knows and hides secrets. So when the leader of the clowns, Linden, steals something precious from the cruel ringmaster, Drystan finds himself caught in the middle and he must face a choice: betray Linden or have his own dark secret revealed... 

Now, I loved Pantomine so I got excited to read this and, while it has been a while since I read Pantomine and it took me a good few clicks of my Kindle before I remembered who and who, I found this addictive reading and fun. It's Laura's making her world bigger - which is a good thing seeing as Pantomine's publisher, Strange Chemistry, is no more and Laura had always planned to write a third book in the series...

But with this four novella series, I think I need to read these and Shadowplay very VERY soon. I mean, I have too! And so should you as this world that Laura Lam has created is one of the most unique I have read in quite some time. 

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