Friday, 5 September 2014

The Future of SMILE

Happy Friday everyone! Not a normal SMILE post because I want some input from you guys...

I have been doing SMILE posts for the past few years (that long?!) and it was for fun. Fun for myself and the idea of a tiny pick-me-up to you guys as Mondays are a bit of a drag! Yes, even if you have the perfect job you love, Mondays are a bit of a pain sometimes...

But recently - ok, for a while - I have been thinking of about the future of SMILE. Whether it would continue on the blog every Monday, changing it to once a fortnight or once a month, moving it over to Pinterest completely (I do have a Pinterest board, solely for SMILE - or whether I should call it time on it.

I know, the HORROR of it!

But as I am going through a bit of a change in my life (moving in with my other half, pretending to be a grown up, learning to "compromise" with said other half, etc), I kinda want the blog to reflect that. Change, grow and evolve. Ok, I made my blog sound like a Pokemon.

But I like SMILE. And I do want to keep it in one form or other. So, am asking you guys - what do you want happen to SMILE? Do you want it to go fortnight? Would you mind if I moved SMILE over to Pinterest? Or do you think it's a stupid blog thread and want it gone? Leave a comment below and I shall see what you guys suggest. 

But until then, I shall continue blogging and hoping you guys like it...!

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  1. How about spontaneous smile posts? No schedule, so no stress, and I'll probably smile more because it's unexpected.