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GoodRead - This Shattered World

I must thank Luna from Luna's Little Library. Thank you Luna! Luna got this at BEA earlier in the year and I kept going on about wanting to read it (I went mad over the first book in the trilogy, These Broken Stars [review to that is here!]. And, very kindly, Luna offered to let me borrow her BEA copy as we were going to meet at the Zoe Marriott/Walker Books event (and she "forced" me to buy more books in a charity shop. Will read them soonish. Hopefully).

So, I got this and I spedread this and, yes, even though this isn't out till 23rd December, am going to write my review now and maybe - MAYBE - review it on the Bookish Brits YouTube Channel  nearer the publication date. Maybe.

In this, the second book in the Starbound trilogy, a war is raging on the planet of Avon. Captain Jubilee (Lee for short) Chase has been sent to he planet to crush the terraformed planet's rebels. Flynn is one of these rebels, trying to end the war peacefully.

The two were never meant to meet. But a chance meeting make Flynn taking Lee has a hostage. As his fellow rebels plan to execute Lee, Flynn makes another decision, changing them both. Soon, they find themselves working together to figure out a way to end this senseless war...

And, from a distance, LaRoux Industries is watching...

Ok, as you are aware, I LOVED These Broken Stars so I knew from the word go that it was going to be hard for this book to live up to my reaction, and with this book focusing on new characters rather than Tarver and Lilac, it was going to be a very interesting.

It was going to be, I decided, like Anna and the French Kiss trilogy by Stephanie Perkins. But in space.

And I really liked it. I enjoyed myself while I galloped through the pages. Yes, it didn't live up to my love to These Broken Stars, but it is a very worthy sequel.

First thing I really enjoyed was how different yet similar this book was to These Broken Stars. We have two strong and interesting characters. I think you guys are going to love reading about Jubilee (Why, authors? Why use that name? Every time I read it, I kept thinking of Jubilee from the X-Men?!). You'll like Flynn too, but this was really Jubilee's book.

And how this book linked with These Broken Stars. I don't want to spoil anything but, if you loved These Broken Stars, you'll squeal when you see who/what pops up...

Also, the last 100 or so pages - Meagan and Amie know how to make those last few pages count. They will have you on the edge of your seat and breathless - I remember finishing these pages and going to Twitter to some bookish pals and going "PLEASE TELL ME YOU READ THIS?!"

(Again, why doesn't this series not have a UK publisher? Why?!)

I am going to admit there are little things that bothered me. There are not big deal breakers but I noticed them and, once you notice something...

The one real thing that bothered me was only really used in the first 50 or so pages when we are told several times that Jubilee is Chinese descent and people of Avon have hints of Irish. Compared to some books where they drum this details into the reader's head with a fork-lift truck, this was more gentle. But I spotted it and was annoyed over it... I blame Zoe Marriott (not read her. You should!

I think my issues come down to the fact that with These Broken Stars, I listened via audiobook so I crept under the character's skins. But with This Shattered World, I borrowed someone's book (I'm weird over borrowing books from people) and I devoured the book within 8 days. That is fast for me, but I must have liked and enjoyed myself as I usually take two weeks to read one book. But I think if I listened to the audiobook, my reaction might have been different.

Maybe I should get the audiobook when it's released and do a reread...

But fans of this series will really enjoy this book and I can't wait to get my hands of the third and final book in the trilogy, which should be out in December 2015 (SO FAR AWAY!). But, there is a eNovella that ties These Broken Stars and This Shattered World together - This Night So Dark - and I plan to be reading that VERY SOON (you can read it here...).

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