Saturday, 29 November 2014

GoodRead - Tormenting Lila

I blame Conspiracy Girl for my sudden "Oh heck, I might fall into a reading slump" feeling I had the past few days. I really enjoyed Conspiracy Girl (review here if you missed it) and I fancied reading something else by Sarah Alderson (I bought Out of Control on Thursday. Before Black Friday. FOOL!!!) but I didn't want a novel. I wanted something short. And then I remembered that, months ago, I bought this so attacked it while on route to Walker Books for today's blogger event.

Set around 8 months after the events of Losing Lila (which I haven't read. Whoops!), we catch up with Lila and Alex trying to spend some alone time with each other. I mean, is that too much to ask? Well, apparently not as Lila's brother, his hopefully-in-the-near-future girlfriend and two of Lila's closest friends decide to gatecrash. And when they visit an island that might have a serial killer on it, will they get off alright?

I liked it. It was nice to revisit these characters - it's been an age since I read Hunting Lila (review for that is here) and because I haven't read Losing Lila, I wasn't sure if I should due to spoilers. So, if you haven't read this series, there are a few spoilers so you might want to read the series before this.

But the characters are the main reason I enjoyed this short. I liked Lila and Jack's interaction, smiled at Nate and Suki - I forgot how much they made me laugh in Hunting Lila - and as for Alex... Sarah Alderson knows how to write swoon-worthy leads.

What interested me with this short is this is a gateway into another novel Sarah had written (and one I haven't read!) - The Sound. So, The Sound and Lila are set in the same world (like Out of Control and Conspiracy Girl) and yet, these two are so different. Lila is quite paranormal while we have a serial killer thriller in The Sound.

With rumours that Sarah might be writing a third book for Lila (are you, Sarah?), I shall be intrigued to see where she takes the characters... But first, I need to get back up to speed with her other books!

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