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Last week, I entered a contest hosted by the lovely people at My Independent Bookshop ( where you tweet your list of books you wish for this Christmas. As someone who lusts after books more than is very healthy, I did "my" independent bookshop on and entered, thinking "I'll never win, but I can show off some books that I am intrigued to try one day... one day..."

And I won. I NEVER WIN ANYTHING!!! And I won 9 BOOKS!!! [insert muppet flail here]

Today, a box of books sat on my doorstep and, bar one (will explain why one is missing), THEY'RE HERE AND I HAVE ADOPTED THEM ALL! I just wanted to show you guys these books and explain my reasons why I picked these as most are very much "outside my comfort zone".

So, let's get started!

MY TRUE LOVE GAVE TO ME (Edited by Stephanie Perkins) - Everyone seems to be reading it and it's Christmas! I want to read something Christmasy and this looks perfect. It's a tad pink for my taste, but am ready to dive in and discover new authors (mainly Rainbow Rowell) while revisiting some old faves...

SHOOT TO KILL (Steve Cole) - I was at an event to launch this and, while I'm not a huge James Bond fan (I like the films [not loved - Skyfall, I love and am excited for Spectre] yet never read the books), I got excited over this more than any other Bond book - written by Ian Fleming and Charlie Higson. And Steve Cole is really cool! I will devour this book and probably wish I was a spy...

YOUNG AVENGERS: STYLE > SUBSTANCE (Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie) - I need to get into graphic novels and I have been a fan of this cover for a while. It looks like it's going to be fun yet crazy ride. I shall hold on for dear life!

THE SECRET HISTORY (Donna Tartt) - There is one reason and one reason alone why I asked for this book. And that is...

I am OBSESSED with How to Get Away with Murder! I LOVE THIS SHOW and I wanted a book that will tie me over till Season 1 Part Two is aired (DAMN THE MIDSEASON/WINTER BREAK!!!). And I have heard this book is PERFECT! I have only read one Donna Tartt book in my life (The Little Friend - I wasn't a fan), but I have this and The Goldfinch so one of these will be read till Universal Channel starts airing new episodes...

A GAME OF THRONES (George R.R. Martin) - It seems like one of those books/TV shows that I really should be a fan of, and yet I haven't seen a whole episode or attempted to read. It's quite a big book and I need to get more into longer reads. But this could be an interesting read, but I have been told once I get reading, the pages will fly by like a beat of a dragon's wing...

REAPER MAN (Terry Pratchett) - I have a copy of Mort and I have every plan to read it but this book has always been one of THOSE books. We all have one where it keeps catching our eye. And the hardback edition is BEAUTIFUL! I can not WAIT to read it next year as part of my British Book Challenge!

THE BOOKSHOP BOOK (Jen Campbell) - a few weeks, I took part in a short blog interview with Jen Campbell via the publisher on this book, and this book sounds good. A book about bookshops. From all over the world.

BONES NEVER LIE (Kathy Reichs) - I love Kathy Reichs. If you have seen on my Reviews Listings, I have reviewed 8 books/audiobooks and I have read more before I started the blog (Bones to Ashes is my first Kathy Reichs and I love that book!). So, it's a no brainer that I want this! IT SOUNDS SO GOOD. This is my third Kathy Reichs to join my TBR - Fatale Voyage and Bones Are Forever - so 2015 will be a year of murder for me!

Now, if you have been on My Independent Bookshop, you'll noticed that I haven't mention Captain Marvel. Well, sadly, that's not in stock (Marvel is doing a reprint run) but I was offered a replace choice. I gave a few titles and one of them might be my replacement. I think you guys will squeal with delight when I reveal my replacement (if it's in stock)...

So, I want to say thank you to My Independent Bookshop for these books. I am excited/scared to read them. Next year's reading is going be VERY mixed... Brace yourselves, my lovely blog-readers. We're in for a bumpy ride!

EDIT (18/12/2014): My replacement book has arrived! And I think you guys are gonna love me (or will like me a little bit more...). But I have, as my replacement... FANGIRL by Rainbow Rowell. Yes, I finally have my hands on this book and I do plan to read it as everyone - EVERYONE - seems to be in love with this book and am curious on if I will fall under its spell.

But like I said before, next year's reading is gonna be bumpy reading ride so BUCKLE UP!!!

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