Wednesday, 3 December 2014

GoodRead - The Snow Globe

When Clara from Piatkus asked if I fancied reading a Christmasy read a few months back, I said yes. I always like Christmas so the idea of reading something to get me in the spirit seemed liked fun.

And of course, I forgot about it till a few weeks ago when three Sheila Roberts's books appeared in my letterbox. Nine Lives of Christmas, On Strike for Christmas and The Snow Globe. And while Nine Lives of Christmas should have been my natural reading material (I really like cats - have you not noticed?), something about this story caught my attention and I decided to give this a read.

When Kiley buys a snow globe from an antique dealer, she only barely believes the story that comes with it. The story that the snow globe is passed from generation to generation, somehow always landing in the hands of those who need its magic And with the drama of her ex dating her sister, Kiley needs all the magic she can get to survive this Christmas.

But when something very unexpected happens that turns her into a believer of the story, she passes the snow globe to her two friends, Allison and Suzanne. But maybe the snow globe has some magic for both of them two...

I am going say this from the word go, this is a light, fluffy and fun Christmas read. Perfect for reading once all the presents are open, the dinner is eaten, the Queen Speech is over and you want a moment to unwind. It's a hot-chocolate kinda read - and we all need them once in a while.

Yes, it does read like a Christmas movie you see in the afternoons on Channel 5 or Christmas 24 so, at times, it does feel a bit cardboard cutout for characters and some of the situations do seem a tad extreme, but I think this is a sweet little story for those wanting to enjoy the season and believe in magic.

This won't be for everyone, but it came at the right time for me. I hope, if I can find time, to read another Sheila Roberts before Christmas is upon us...


  1. Are there many pages in it? I was thinking of reading Let It Snow for Christmas but thinking of reading this instead, have you ever read Let It Snow?

    Great Review!

    1. Thank you for your comment.

      This is more grown-up but it's much shorter than Let It Snow at 166 pages. I have read Let It Snow - I love Maureen Johnson's story!