Thursday, 9 April 2015

GoodRead - The Art of War

When Felicity from Midas PR asked if I was interested in listening to this audiobook, I said yes after listening to the teaser on This is outside my comfort zone - I admit this- but I want to be bolder with my reading/listening choices. Plus, I listened to the sampler of this and went "I want to listen to this.".

This 13 chapter book (which is REALLY short, by the way) talks about the art of warfare. How you win a war. This was written many years ago, but it still has strong themes today (just watch how politicians campaign for your vote at general election). Read by Aidan Gillen, who's character in Game of Thrones (Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish) could have well use this book, it shows you how to win a war or, if you are on the losing side, how to turn it round.

Now, I had to listen to this twice over the course of the Easter Weekend. The first time was because I was trying to get my head round what Sun Tzu was telling us (it didn't help that for a good 20 minutes, I was in a slight food coma). But the second time, I paid attention and made notes. I listened to what was being said and compared it to politics.

And I got it. I saw it happening around me. There's a political story that happened the past few days and I instantly thought "I heard that. I know what they're doing!". And as someone who is trying to understand the 2015 UK General Electons, having this on my iPhone made me see the tricks and go "Oh, ok. That makes me really wonder about your abilities if that is the 'trick' your using."

I admit that this isn't my normal book, so it's a bit of a culture shock. And, at times, I felt a little overwhelmed. There were moments where I felt that there wasn't enough time to understand what was being said. There wasn't any time in the audiobook to take a breath.

While this isn't my typical listening, I am glad I listened to it. I might need to do another relisten before 7th May of this year...

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