Tuesday, 28 April 2015

GoodRead - Very Good Lives

There is very little to say about Very Good Lives. Which kinda sucks when you have to write a review.

This book is the speech JK Rowling gave in Harvard University in 2008, highlighting the benefits of failure and the importance of imagination. You haven't seen the speech, you can watch it here:

But why should you buy this book when you have the speech on YouTube? Onereason is because this book's profits are going to charity, Lumos. And it is illustrated by Joel Holland in a simply yet beautiful fashion. I shall put some photos under this paragraph and show you guys.

I feel that this speech/book will be very important to some people. I think some lines in this speech are beautiful and give me hope for the future. But there is nothing really I can say to give this book the praise I feel it deserves. So, I shall live you with this last picture... 

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