Tuesday, 2 June 2015

RSM Announcement!

Ok, am writing this now (Monday 18th May 2015 and am posting it on the 2nd June) so I know that I can't back out of it (like I have the two other times I have tried to do this throughout the course of 2015.

I have decided that next month, I am going to take a tiny blog break. Only a month - only, he types - but I have done this for the past few years and I always feel awesome afterwards when it comes to blogging. Plus, I can imagine that you guys are bored of me and need a wee break yourself.

But will I be getting a tan? Enjoying being away from my laptop/iPhone? Will I enjoy taking time away from reading? Will I be like this Pichaku?


Sorry, I think a GIF is needed here. Hang on...

That's better.

Anyway, I will be reading. I will be typing. But I won't review them on the blog till August (unless they are super important or a NetGalley review [but these will be on my GoodReads so no worries there!])

And am going to panic about what am going to read next in this fashion:

But I want to be human. No, that's a lie. I want to be cat. Or a dragon. Either of these will be great!

But I have a kitten and I want to play with him (and he will trying to sit on my laptop/MacBook Air - yes, I have gone to dark side), demanding my love and attention like this...

And I have a boyfriend who will demand my attention in that fashion as well. And family. And real life. Basically, being a grown up.

Being a grown up sucks.

But I will be reading! I will try and read fast but I doubt it. But I thought I would tell you guys now so we can all brace ourselves for my blog going radio silent in July (plus, it makes me actually take my blog break...) PROMISE ME YOU GUYS WON'T HAVE TOO MUCH FUN WITHOUT ME NEXT MONTH!!!

Ok, before I let you guys return to your normal programming, will leave you with this GIF...

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