Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Audiobook Review - Talking As Fast As I Can

Ok, I wasn't going to talk about this till next year. I genuinely did think "This could be my first review of 2017. Start as you mean to go on in 2017. Start with a bang!"

Expect... I changed my mind. There are reasons I changed my mind. Which I will say why further down.

But, when Midas PR asked if I wanted to listen to some audiobooks from Audible (in exchange for an honest review), I jumped on a few. I still have a few I need to listen to and play catch up (one or two. I have DNF one which I spoke about last weekish. Yes, go backtrack by clicking here!), but I asked if I could listen to this. They said yes and I got very excited. When I listened to the teaser before I requested this, I choked with laughter and went "Ok, I need to listen to this!"

We all known Lauren Graham from Gilmore Girls and Parenthood. But here, in this collection of non fiction essay (oh yes, this is non-fiction. I know, very rare for me!), Lauren chats about life, love and acting. What it was like growing up, acting, dating, what it was like playing Lorelai Gilmore the first time, stop playing her after seven years and what it was like going back...

Ok, I have to admit this, I am not the biggest Gilmore Girls fan. I have seen episodes and I love the speed of character's speaking. I shout at the TV "Why isn't Luke and Lorelai not together yet?!" and "Rory and Jessie!". This is the same with Parenthood (the first 2 seasons were airing in the UK on 5Star/Fiver/whatever it was called back then!). I would watch it, like it hugely ("The characters talk over each other! My sister and I do this ALL THE TIME!!! This show gets it!"). But I always seem to like Lauren. I watch her when she does interviews and find her funny and quite refreshing, so I knew when I started listening to this that it was going to be the same: fast talking, funny with touches of loveliness in it.

And I got all that. I couldn't be happier.

For something that's 4 hours and 38 minutes, I whizzed through it. Within 4 days. 4 DAYS! With audiobooks this length or longer, it takes me quite a while to complete it. A good two or three weeks. So the fact this audiobook took me four days shows how obsessed I got and how I need to another Lauren Graham novel/audiobook (her debut fiction novel, Someday Someday Maybe, isn't published in the UK to my knowledge...)

This, weirdly, reminded me of Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes audiobook (review for that is here). Both had that pace, that speed, that humour and that honestness which I found gripping.

There is one thing I didn't like (barring the fact that this was short and I wanted it to be longer). Throughout the audiobook, Lauren would mention photographs and go "See photograph 1/2/3/etc". And, with an audiobook, you can't see them and I thought that there was a problem with editing. It wasn't till me writing this review (so now) did I release that, when I purchase the audiobook, there is a PDF which have all the photos! So, when Lauren says "See photograph 5", you go to the PDF and look. But, because I didn't know that till now, ARGH!!! Not sure if this was stated in description of audiobook on Audible but maybe, when audiobook do have added extras, maybe it should be stated at the start on audiobook that there is extra content that came with audiobook so check it you have everything before you go further...

Fans of Gilmore Girls and Parenthood will love this, and people will enjoy Lauren's fast talking humour. So yes, I liked this. A lot. In the same way that Lorelai loves her coffee...

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