Monday, 3 April 2017

Reading Plan for April & May (Maybe)

I saw Beauty and the Beast today (I treated myself to a day off!) and it was lush like you all said. I hate it when you're all right. Curses! (And before you ask, I had preordered the movie on iTunes before my wonderful Other Half [who loathes the cinema, FYI] got us tickets and I have listened to the soundtrack... oh, a lot. And got teary-eyed over Days in the Sun, Emma Watson's How Does A Moment Last Forever and Evermore. WHY DISNEY?! WHY DO YOU WANT TO MAKE ME CRY?!)

Plus, the film was visually stunning! Just stunning.

Anyway, as much as I would adore to write a blog post solely on my feels on this movie, that's not what this post is about! No, dear readers, this is something I have been thinking about for a while about how I should read and how to get you guys involved. Because, at times, because I have so many books and ebooks to read, I get a little... well... overwhelmed. And because of this, I thought that, for the next month or so, you guys and pick my next few reads.

This was meant to be a way for me to read some of my NetGalley/Proofs, but I am behind of reading some boos you guys recoil about when I say I haven't read them yet... And it's because of several reasons (size, time, Hype Monster, mood, etc). So, why not go to you guys as you have ace tastes?

Now, I do have some rules (for myself at least). I have to put a poll up of 4 choices on Twitter (but might mix if up and go Instagram or Facebook. So, keep eyes peeled on my Twitter so you know where to look!) and each poll will be around 24 hours long and whatever wins will be the book I am going to try and read. I can still DNF if I don't like and I am allowed 2 vetos if I disagree with your choice. If I do use a Veto, I need to either do another poll or pick the runner-up book.

And oh, I am making plans to do a few Big Guns books that I know you guys all love and it will hurt you to choose one (Strange The Dreamer, The Bone Season, The Graces, Noughts and Crosses, The Hate U Give, etc). Yes, I know. I am a complete monster.

That ok? Is that a crazy idea to leave my reading fate to you? I think you guys will picks some wonderful/crazy choices and I can not wait!

Well, you guys are going to hate me because... well... the first poll will go up quite soon after this post goes live... So, I need to pick 4 choices. Hang on...

So, I made my picks! And you have till tomorrow (let's say half past 5 in the afternoon UK time) to pick so I can start reading that evening.

Thank you all in advance for voting and happy picking!

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