Friday 11 August 2017

Kindle Samplers - The Third Visit

After the lovely kickstart back with the lovely Lucy and Tom of Freshers book fame, I thought a nice way to get back into the groove of blogging would be another look at the Kindle Samplers I have downloaded on my iPhone. As you guys know, I download a lot of eBook Samplers on the Kindle app on my iPhone. I do it all the time for a number of reasons and I read/delete them off my phone at a fast pace. So, I felt it's time to show some titles to you. Not all, but a few.

ERAGON by Christopher Paolini
Ok, I read this YEARS AND YEARS ago. I read it on the train to one of my first real jobs. And it was a chunky book (for me at the time. Not now, though, I think). Anyway, I randomly thought of it a few weeks ago and went "I wonder if I would like it if I read it now. I mean, I can't remember a thing about it expect for the cover and the fact this book series has dragons on it". So, downloaded sampler and the cover is pretty! So pretty! Not attempted to read the sampler yet - not had time but soon...

MASKERADE and HOGFATHER by Terry Pratchett
Two for the price of one! I always mean to read more Discworld books. I have have read a few (not many), but these are the two I always been going "I really should try and read these". Plus, have you not seen the new cloth-isa bound hardback editions? These look wonderful! And would go so well with my copy of Reaper Man...

THE BOOK THIEF by Markus Zusak
Do I really need to explain why this is on here, as everyone thinks this book is wonderful are in complete shock that I haven't read it? Do I really have to?

THE THIEF by Ruth Rendell
As someone who enjoys reading crime and thrillers, it comes as a surprise to some people that I haven't read a lot from the big crime authors such as PD James or Agatha Christie. Ruth Rendell is one of those crime authors that I've always been meaning to read, but I'm a little scared off reading her, because she is such a big deal! The Thief seems like a good place to start as it's a novella, part of the Quick Reads range that was published a few years back. The plan is to try this novella out and, if I like her writing, to go towards some of her other writing such as The Water's Lovely, From Doon With Death and the upcoming release of her short stories, A Spot of Folly.

WANT TO PLAY? by P.J. Tracy
This only appeared on my iPhone Kindle app a few weeks ago after a quick chat with Stephen (aka @MyBookishLife). We were chatting about crime/thrillers and he mentioned this title. I went "I think I read that a while ago, but can't remember". So, downloaded it to refresh my memory. I know this is now a big series now (seven or eight books) so intrigued to see if I have read this and if I can remember anything from this story... If not, NEW STORY TO DISCOVER!

And finally, this. I know NOTHING about this book. NOTHING! I know people are excited about this book on Twitter and someone told me that this is a Little Mermaid retelling/reimagining with LGBT themes. HOW I DIDN'T BUY THIS AS SOON AS I WAS TOLD, I HAVE NO IDEA! But I think I totally love this once I find time to read the sampler....

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