Thursday 31 August 2017

Children's Book Circle Summer Party 2017

Before I go any further, I want to say thank you to everyone at the Children's Book Circle's Summer Party. Thank you for inviting me and thank you for looking after me when, out of nowhere, I got blogger shy and wanted to hide in the corner with a glass of wine and my laptop! 

Ok, back to normal. Now, last week, I was very kindly invited to the Children's Book Circle's Summer Party. The Children's Book Circle ( for those curious) is a non-profit organisation run by a committee of volunteers who work in publishing (editors, publishers, agents, etc) and they try to set up events (panels, Meet and Critiques, etc). Go to their website - they can explain better than I can. 

Anyway (!), I was invited to go and I said yes without a moment's thought. I love going to publishing events and I spend so long panicking about trains and work, that going and meeting people who love books is great. So, once I left work that day, I changed and ran for the train to London (nearly missing it, FYI!) and got to Kings Cross. Once snooping in the Harry Potter shop (very busy and I kick myself for now not being a Niffler key ring!) and getting a quick hot chocolate from Pret (which I somehow got free - which everyone is now telling me Pret employees can do and, maybe, the guy was flirting with me. PEOPLE - my gaydar DOESN'T EXIST!!! If you're going to flirt with me, TELL ME IN ADVANCE!), I slipped in. 

And got Book Blogger Shy. 

I like meeting people. I do. But I panicked when I saw people who know publishing inside and out and, most of them I don't know (and they don't know me) so when they asked "Who do you work for?", they thought I worked for a publisher! I should have lied and answered "Regina Falange. We're a small indie publisher. You're probably never heard of us, but we read books, eat cake and hug cats. Is that Nick Jonas?!". Instead, I answered "am a book blogger" and await the cries of "NO, HE'S NOT! HE LIES!" (You would think, after seven years, I wouldn't still feel like a fraud when it comes to this book blogging and book events.). Plus, I only knew a tiny handful of people so became a sloth and never left their side for a good hour and a half (sorry about that!) 

Plus, some people dressed up! I wore a T-shirt covered with book covers (there were two/three times where people would look at my chest and go "Is that Harry Potter? Watchmen? What the hell is that with the tentacles?") but they went all out! There was Beetle Boy, a Handmaid from Handmaid's Tale, Mildred Hubble from The Worst Witch, Alice from Alice in Wonderland, a few Dalmatians from 101 Dalmatians, two Wallys from Where's Wally and others. I do have to give a special shout out to the three ladies who came as the burglars and the ladybird from What The Ladybird Heard. I think I shouted at them in delight once I figured out who they were - I have read that book to my nephews so many times! 

After finding my feet (and more wine - wine is a must at book events), chatted to some publishers, trying to get information about upcoming books that I MUST GET MY HANDS ON. But, alas, the wine has made me forget all but one book (and I only remembered that as I went "Oh! I know several book bloggers who would LOVE that!"). But I did chat to some lovely people about Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Hamilton coming to the UK and they were shocked that I plan to go into the show without hearing any music and they going "You MUST see Wicked!" (these are my kind of people) I had to leave to catch my train... well... I missed it, but I caught another and got my Other Half to pick me up. 

So, again, thank you to everyone there for making me feel welcome and sorry if I didn't talk to you or was too shy too. NEXT TIME, I WILL! And thank you Children's Book Circle for inviting me. 

OH! I remember something! The Children's Book Circle is planning something at the end of November. It's a lecture about libraries and a small award ceremony. I think I can grab a link for you guys. Hopefully, they will send out a Press Release so will shout at you once I know more. If I am free and can go, I will try. If not, YOU ALL HAVE FUN WITHOUT ME. Or Facebook Live it! I can watch it via Facebook if I must! 

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