Monday, 5 February 2018

DNFing The Last Mrs Parrish

I don't like DNFing books or ebooks. I feel like I'm betraying the story and the work the authors put in.

But sometimes, dear reader, things happen either within the book or in the real world that makes you go "I don't want to read this" and so, you put it down and walk away.

And that's, sadly, what I did with The Last Mrs Parrish late last year. Yes, I have held-off telling you guys about it for a while as I wondered if I should tell you guys or not.

Now, before I go any further, mini disclaimer (not sure why am putting this down as it's an unspoken rule on this blog): everyone is allowed to have different tastes. Just because I didn't like this, doesn't mean you won't. You might like this so don't let me "I stopped here and here's why" put you off this book if you want to read this.

Now, before we go forward, let me explain that, I liked the writing and the good chunk of the story. The way I described this to my Other Half was its "bats*** addictive". I mean, why the main character was doing what she was doing and the level of crazy she was putting into her master plan was really compelling. It read a bit like a crazy US drama like Scandal or How To Get Away With Murder. I gobbled it up.

So, I hear you ask, why did you DNF this if it was addictive reading? Well... all throughout the first part of the book, there were tiny breadcrumbs that the perfect marriage - the marriage the main character wanted for herself - wasn't so perfect. That all that glittered wasn't gold. I spotted them very quickly so when we got into the second part, told from the wife's point of view, I was aware and went "Ok, there's might be a physical/emotional abuse here, so be on your guard". And while I saw it, something else happened. An element of another trigger warning happened - a sexual assault - and I won't read that. I have things I will not read and rape is one of them. That is a no go for me.

As soon as I saw that, I went "I'm done. I enjoy the writing, but I don't like this. I'm done."

And what's worse, is that I was a good way into the book. 63%. But I feel that I couldn't enjoy this the way I wanted to now this element was add. I know it was going to be addressed as this book got compared to Gone Girl, The Girl On The Train and Big Little Lies. But this wasn't for me.

So, for my own self, I put it down and decided to read something completely opposite from it.

Now, here's the thing. I liked the writing, I like the crazy within the plot and I feel that some of you guys will like it. I mean, I had the authors on my blog a few weeks ago, that's how much I liked this writing. But I had to take a step back from it due to that and read something else.

Not sure if this puts me in the publisher's bad books but reading should be fun and if you want to read this, go forth and read this!

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