Monday, 26 February 2018

Reading Some Kindle Samplers

As you guys know, I love downloading eBook samplers onto my iPhone, and I do this for a number of reasons: because I want to see if I'm going to like it, to remind me to buy a book, because it had a pretty cover (yes, I am that vain).

So, one Sunday a week or so ago, after my cat woke me up at 6:15 in the morning (he's started doing this recently and I can't decide if this is a good thing or not), I decided to actually read some of my samplers and see how I felt about them. Some were entire chapters, some were a few pages, but I wanted to see if I liked the story, writing or tone and then decide if I would consider reading them in the future. And because my reading tastes are growing and I want to push myself, the choices of Kindle Samplers I read are here, there and everywhere so let's get started...

THE GODS OF LOVE by Nicola Mostyn
I became aware of this when Little Brown emailed me their catalogue of future publications for this year and this randomly caught my eye. Imagine Bridget Jones written by Neil Gaiman and this is close to why I went "I need to investigate this". It was only half of the first chapter but I was sniggering to myself over the snarky and cynical divorce lawyer who, in the coming chapters, will discover she is a secret descendant of Eros, god of love and sexual attraction, and only she can save the world. But will I read this? Yep. This sounds like a fun read! And the world needs fun right now!

THE BODY FARM by Patricia Cornwall
I have an odd relationship with Patricia Cornwall. I have tried several times to read/audiobook her with mixed reactions. I liked, though didn't really care for Postmortem, DNF with hatred Book of the Dead (I HATE THAT BOOK WITH UNSPEAKABLE VEMON) and audiobooked Port Mortuary - which I can't remember a thing about nor do I remember if I liked it or not (I went back to the review and I state at the end that I was done with this author. She and I don't mix). And while the sampler was a good chapter or so, I barely made it through the first 3 screens of this chapter. I went "Nope" and realised why her writing and me don't get along. It's just not going to work. So, nope. I need to learn to stay away from this author as her writing just don't work for me.

THE SINNER by Tess Gerritsen
Tess Gerritsen is one of the first crime writers I ever read. I hope a special place in my heart for her novels Body Double and The Mephisto Club. And I do want to read one of her standalones - The Bone Garden. But I wanted to see if Tess's writing and I got along and I could read one of her novels. It's been such a long time and last time I tried - Playing with Fire - I didn't get to end of the first chapter.

But, after reading the prologue (which seems like it had nothing to do with the plot - but I know Tess now to say that it does), I jumped right into the chapter with Dr Maura Isles and it felt like I haven't gone away. I think I might be better with Tess's earlier work within this series so am in two minds over if I want to read this or not. Maybe I should try Body Double or Mephisto Club. We shall see...

SOMETHING NEW by Sean Ashcroft
I can not remember where I saw this or why I download a sampler. I could tell from the cover that it's a candy floss type read with gay leads with a happily ever after ending. I like candy floss reads so I must have downloaded this because I wanted something little and fluffy. And while it is light and fluffy and I can see myself switching my brain off and reading this, I'm not sure I would buy it... Maybe in a sale, but *shrugs*

GRAVE MERCY by Robin LaFevers
I don't know why but the last few weeks, I have been having this itch to reread Grave Mercy. I read it years ago and while I enjoyed it at the time, I do remember that it was a bit of a struggle for me to read. So where this feeling of I really want to reread it has come from is anyone's guess. So, I downloaded the sampler to see if I can click with the writing. While there are some things that I did go "This could be interesting", there were others (the writing included) that made me go "I'm not so sure". I do want to give this a try in the future but it wouldn't be the end of the world if I miss out rereading this.

THE VILE VILLAGE by Lemony Snicket
This isn't even half a chapter! It's barely two/three pages. I had to listen to the audiobook clip on YouTube to confirm how much of the chapter I read, and it's very little. I know the first chapters in all Lemony Snicket's novels are quite short compared to the other chapters in the book but was surprised over how little it was. Plus, I kinda want to see if I could return to this world as, a few years ago, I did attempt (and failed!) to read the whole Series of Unfortunate Events in one year. I got to the sixth book in the series and went "Nope. Am done. I've had enough." and now I wonder if I should try the audiobooks instead (read by Tim Curry, who was the narrated of Garth Nix's Sabriel, which I adore and I love him reading it). I'm in two minds over this, but with the audiobook just under £6, I might treat myself.

So, out of these six, would there be an ebook or audiobook I would buy. I think I would (if I had the funds and the time. Have you not seen my TBR?!) maybe get Gods of LoveThe Vile Village and The Sinner. There is a Kindle Sale on so maybe on one or two but with my TBR so huge, I might get from library or do that awful book blogger thing and flirt with publisher...

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