Thursday, 1 March 2018

Pick My Next Read Month

I must be an idiot to decide to do this but ha-ho!

I like doing polls on Twitter, asking you guys to pick my next read. And you guys have excellent taste. So, earlier this year, I decided that I wanted to do again. But more. I wanted to do a month's worth.

So, after I made that decision and did the poll you see above (and was really glad you guys chose March), I get plotting over what books am going to pick, style, genre, age range, etc. Then went "Sod it!" and am going to go by the seam of my pants and just pick books for polls that will make me smile.

Hopefully, this month's reading is going to be exciting, fun and full of goodness. There might be one book I have to read no matter what (my buddy read had to be pushed back a month. Our timing's basically suck!) so this might carry over a few weeks into April (though I have said am reading something at the start of April due to possible holiday).

But, to get me started, I did a poll last week on which book that gonna kickstart this month. And it came down to these four...

Now, am writing this post a week ahead of myself so (at time of writing), I have no idea who's gonna win and who am going to read but I can not wait! 


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