Thursday, 13 September 2018

6 eBooks I Want To Reread If I Had Time...

As you saw last week, I hit a wall over what to blog. So when Gavin from @gavreads tweeted a suggesting of what 5 books do I want to reread if I had the time/Time-Turner. As soon as I saw it, I went “YES! THIS IS FANTASTIC!!!” and started writing the post. But as I started writing it, I realised that all the books that I put on my reread list were physical (and I didn’t even scratch the surface! And I have a few rereads on my TBR for next year!), so I went “What about my eBooks?”. 

So, I thought I would do the same with my kindle and my eBooks. So, after looking at my read/to be read on my eReader, here are six eBooks I want to reread if/when I find the time! 

THE NIGHT CIRCUS by Erin Morgenstien
As soon as I started to think about eBooks I own that I would like to reread, this was the first title that jumped straight to mind. I remember reading this and being swept away with the magic of the world. I’ve always wanted to reread this and wanted to buy a physical copy of Night Circus, but I think, at the present moment in time, that I should reread this before I buy a physical just in case it doesn’t live up to my memory. 

Ok, this is a recent read as I read this back in April, but I know I will be rereading this before the publication of the second book within the series, The Wicked King, which will be within a week or so of the new year. But I read this on holiday and, while I found the start to be a little confusing with all the names, there was a twist that grabbed me and I devoured the rest of the book. I want to reread the crazy before Wicked King comes out… 

CIRCE by Madeline Miller
Ok, I have audiobooked this very VERY recently, but I adored audiobooking this and I bought the eBook when this was a Kindle Book Deal of the Day for 99p (I also bought Song of Achilles at the same time and I have plans to read this soon!). I loved how Circe retells the stories of Greek myths  and how she grows as a badass woman. Plus, with me rediscovering my love for Greek myths and other myths from around the world, I can’t wait to return to this character and hopefully, will treat myself to the very pretty UK hardback.

I first read this years when the book was first published in hardback. I enjoyed the humour and the dark twist on it. Plus, the hero is a talking skeleton detective. A TALKING SKELETON! I only read the first two books and as I, in the mood to reread Artemis Fowl, I feel that this will be another cool reread. 

Before you guys recoil in horror and screams of “WHY?!”, here me out. Last year, I was considering reading all of Dan Brown’s books as a challenge for this year. I know. I like to punish myself. This plan never happened, though I am considering reading one or two of him as part of my reading challenge for 2019. And while people got excited and read Da Vinci Code, I read Angels and Demons and I enjoyed it. I think rereading this will be fun and hopefully, I will reread this and maybe try one that I haven’t read before. 

THE EYRE AFFAIR by Jasper Fforde
I read this years and years ago. I can’t remember anything about it expect it was set in alternative 1985 where the main character has a pet dodo. It was on sale on my kindle so I grabbed this and the sequel which I haven’t read before but this series looks like it will be a hoot to read.

Ok, I better stop there before I keep going, but I will need to spend more time reading my Kindle as I always feel like I never use it enough. Plus as I am getting a lot more e-proofs from publishers, I should make more of an effort to use my ereader. 

But am curious. Is there any eBooks that you want to reread? Leave a comment on some titles as I like the idea of trying new stories…

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  1. Ooh some good ones here :)
    I'm hoping to reread Cruel Prince before Wicked King comes out.
    Cora |