Wednesday, 19 September 2018

The Five Thing About Trixie...

 I am really excited to get into the Halloween spirit (in theory, I love Halloween. In practice... not so much...), so when I was asked if I wanted to be involved in the Halloween Parade blog tour, I jumped at the chance! 

With vibes of the Worst Witch, this follows Trixie Grimble, the newest student of the Monstacademy. With her being the only ordinary girl in the student body full of monsters, Trixie has to get to grips with helping out with the annual Halloween parade. Expect that's when everything starts going wrong. 

Today, I have the author, Matt Beighton, doing a small list of five things you need to know about our lead character, Trixie Grimble. Am going to say nothing more about it, as I don't want to say anything... 

So, thank you Matt for writing this list for the blog tour. I know you are very busy. I, also, want to thank Faye to including me on this tour - thank you Faye. 

Oh, before I go any further and hand you over to Matt, I have to mention something in my best QVC voice. The series is available in both standard and dyslexia-adapted format (YEAH! More books should be adapted for dyslexic readers! As someone who was classed as a borderline dyslexia when very young, this is very important to me!). And, to celebrate Dyslexia Awareness Week (Monday 1st October to Sunday 7th October 2018) and World Dyslexia Awareness Day (Thursday 4th October 2018), Green Monkey Press is giving 15% off any Monstacademy order via their Etsy if you use the code DYSAWARE during that week (1st till 7th October). Go to 

Ok, with that out of the way, over to Matt with the five things you need to know about Trixie...

  1. Trixie Grimble hates monsters. She knows they exist alright, she sees them coming and going from their special school high on the hill overlooking Wexbridge. She’s heard rumours, though. They jump out on you and suck your blood and eat your brains and, she’s pretty sure, they probably don’t wash their hands or brush their teeth. All of this is a bit of a shame, really, as they are going to be her new classmates.
  2. It’s unlikely that Trixie’s mother will ever win a Mum-Of-The-Year award. In Trixie’s opinion, she’s all too eager to listen to her boyfriend Rob and pack Trixie away to Monstacademy as soon as she gets the chance. That Rob’s no good, either. Trixie hasn’t liked him ever since he moved in with her mother a year or so ago. He’s boring and dull and patronising and, worse still, he thinks he’s really good with children. Eugh!
  3. It isn’t just her choice in boyfriends that annoys Trixie about her mother. She’s been obsessed with forming a Cat Circus for as long as she can remember and, now that she’s about to be carted off to have her blood sucked or brains chewed or whatever else it is they do to normal girls at Monstacademy, she’s already out shopping for kittens. Trixie’s going to be even more annoyed when she gets home at Christmas and finds out that her mother has given the new cats Trixie’s old bedroom.
  4. Most children, upon starting a new school, are scared. Trixie is no exception and when she annoys the deputy headmistress on the first day, it doesn’t help. Nor does it make life easier when she causes her science teacher, a Vampire, to faint. Or when she nearly drowns the most popular girl in school. Or when she falls down a well. All in all, she’d hoped for a better start!
  5. Bad start aside, Trixie soon has to get to grips with life at Monstacademy. She’s assigned an important job for the upcoming Halloween Parade and it’s up to her and her new friends - a vegetarian Vampire and a cursed Werewolf - to save the day. If only they could remember where they put the glitter-glue. 

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