Wednesday 7 November 2018

Blue Salt ... Wait, What?

Story time: I was meant to be writing a review for Joanne Harris's Blue Salt Road. It was meant to be for a blog tour (I know, I said I would never do a review for a blog tour but I wanted to read this badly). Expect... I haven't got the novella. The publisher has sent a copy to me TWICE over the past few weeks and it's not turned up. No idea if it's gone to my old address by accident (even though gave them my new address both times), if there's a problem with them being sent out at warehouse/depot or if postman has stolen them (which is funny as they sent me two books last week so can't be that!).

But I wanted to do something for today and for Blue Salt Road. Bear with me, let me explain the novella (as I wanted to go into this without knowing much so RESEARCHING as I type!). The Blue Salt Road is a fable about a nameless, wild man who has no memories. With passion pulling him into his new, unknown world and trickery keeping him there, separated from his people, he has to learn a new way of life and change his notion of home... 

Now, like I said, I wanted to do something to tie to celebrate this novella and thought, one morning when I was panicking about this and feeling not 100% , "What music would I listen to while reading this?". The first answer that jumped to mind was "Music linked to water" and so, I want to share some watery music (not sure how many... 5, maybe?) that I might be listening to while reading this... I hope you like my weird choices...

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