Monday, 1 February 2021

February 2021 TBR

Hello to my first TBR post of 2021! I decided to give myself a little break from doing this as having Christmas/New Year break and I like to not rush January reading as, last year, I apparently read/audiobook 100 stories (100?!) so no pressure. Plus, trying to get back into the groove of normal reading/blogging is a little harder to do so reading/blogging might be a little more chill compared to last year's "Reading & blogging is going to save me from COVID-19 paranoid!" 

Because I've decided to be a little more chilled out (easier said than done. I mean, have you seen my To Be Read shelf on my Goodreads [] or any of my social media?!), I'm going to not stress and go with the flow. Well, that was meant to be the plan. But seeing as I'm reading a few romances lately, I thought it would be fun to try and read a romance or two during February as, of course, Feb is the only month we can be romantic to our Other Halves and ourselves - sorry for that hint of bitter sarcasm. I will behave, honest. 

So, I want to read a few romances books. I have my eye on a few that I will ATTEMPT to read, but as you guys know, romance isn't a genre I normally read and I'm not sure I can binge a whole month of romance novels so I'm going to add a few slightly dark reads to my TBR. 

You've guessed it. I am going to throw in a few crime/thriller books in the mix. At the time of writing this, I am currently audiobooking a book I read YEARS AGO and am having a weirdly great time revisiting this story... 

So, February is love and murder reading, and here are a few ideas of the direction am going in... 

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