Tuesday, 4 May 2021

... Well, This Is Unexpected

... well, this is unexpected.

I know, dear readers. I know what I said at the end of March 2021. I said it was only going to be a two or three weeks due to Easter. And that was the plan. Expect, that didn't happen. A month's blog holiday happened.

I feel I should explain, but there's not much to explain. As you know, I normally take a few weeks off for Easter or I try to. But the last few months, with COVID and trying to get back in the swing of "normal" life, I found that I didn't really have the energy to blog every book I read or audiobook I listened to. And every time I tried to force myself to write something, I usually hate it and just go "DELETE!". 

And I have been writing short reviews on Goodreads (goodreads.com/pewterwolf) and do star ratings on my Twitter (twitter.com/PewterWolf) to keep my foot in the reviewing. But the energy lately has been sagging and, at times, I feel a little like an outsider, looking at the cooler bloggers and vloggers and all the other bookish content-makers and feeling not good enough. Not loud, not brave enough, just not enough. 

Yep. Pity party time. 

And then another book drama hit the socials after Easter (should we talk about that? Or if I give it air, will it get worse? Same goes with the Book Drama that happened a few weeks later) and I kinda lost my rag with this. I tweeted this and, though I knew that I wouldn't quit, I did feel frustrated and wondering if this tiny corner of the Internet is worth it? 

So yeah, this happened. And this was the moment I went "I need to stay away. I need a holiday. No blogging, not involving in anything bookish for a while. I need to read for the enjoyment of reading." This lasted... oh... two days. Then I went on a huge email blitz of authors, publishers, PR people and others and then I looked at my huge TBR and went "Right, what exactly do I want this blog to be?". 

Oh yes, I hit a wall and, over the course of my first real week off blogging, I went "F*** it!" and decide to just do fun again. You might notice it, you might not. But hey, am going to inject some fun in it at my end. It;'s gonna be weird with a bunch of left turns but I'm going to have a bit of fun with this. 

So, I might not review everything on here, but I will on Goodreads and Twitter (please follow me on both or either. I am a chatter!). And I will do some bookish chat on here but them might be more wrap ups or focusing on one or two titles. BUT the main plan is fun. I want to show off books that are fun and wonderful. Let's see if I actually stick to this plan! 

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  1. I barely blogged at all last year and I am still only reviewing a fraction of what I'm reading. I didn't want to give up on my blog though, so I started making myself do a weekly check-in, where I can talk about other stuff, post photos but also at least mention what I've read. For me, keeping up with review copies and trying to be an unpaid marketing minion is too stressful. I get if you are trying to get into publishing it's a good CV thing but I just want to waffle on when I feel like it! So I'm so out of the cool kids circle now and that's OK.