Friday 27 August 2021

Moody Reader Book Tag

Ok, I originally wanted to do Erik's from Breakeven Books's Loki Book Tag. But there was one or two questions where, if I answered them as fully as I wanted to, it would have been one very long and very dull post. So, yeah. I decided against that, but I wanted to a do a tag this week as new job and I wanted to write something as I didn't want a week blog silence. So, when I saw Erik do this tag, I went "This is so a Me Tag!" (I am very much a mood reader!) 

So, I saw this (and, therefore, saying I was tagged by Erik) and the creator of the tag is Britt from Slanted Spines. Both videos are above. So, with all that out of the way, let's get started!!!

1) Do you consider yourself a mood reader?
Yep. I am useless at sticking to my reading plans. For example, my reading plans for this month wasn't going to be so heavy on the romance. But that was what I wanted to read so I've gone down a rabbit hole with it. So, yes to this question!

2) Do you set TBRs and do you stick to them? 
I've tried to create and set TBR stacks/lists. And yet, I never EVER stick to them. I usually stick with it for a book or two, but then something happens and I divert and I'm even sorry. Normally, I have an idea over the book am going to read after my current read. If not that, then the genre of the book. But I give myself a lot of room on what I want to read over the next few weeks.

3) Do books affect you emotionally? 
This is going to make me sound a tad heartless but no, not really. I don't remember ever crying while reading a book. I do get mad at books, and very rarely have I laughed/chuckled at what I am reading, but I don't get emotionally. However, this could be because I am very carefully over the books I read and if I sense that a story has something that I will find uncomfortable, I tend to avoid. Although, I get The Feels so maybe I do get affected.

4) When you're feeling sad, do you like to read sad, happy or neutral books? 
I don't normally read sad books in general, plus I don't see myself as a fast reader so, when I'm feeling sad, I usually continue reading what I started reading. I might switch a reread something comforting but it all depends on how far into my current read I am.

5) Most often, do you use reading to escape, learn or critically reflect? 
Escape. I have a big thing about reading for pleasure and to escape. I do have one or two books that I want to read that are non-fiction, but most/all my TBR are fantasy/thrillers so there is a huge element of escapism in my reading. 

6) What is a book that made you laugh out loud?
Comedy is a hard thing in books. I love watching comedy, but I find that getting humour across in books is a real talent and very few authors can do it. If anyone asks me to recommend an author who can write funny well, I usually say Simon James Green. Although, I did chuckle while reading The Viscount Who Loved Me by Julia Quinn but I remember laugh/cinging while reading Simon's Noah Can't Even

7) What is a book that made you cry? If you don't cry, one that moved you? 
Oh no. I don't cry while reading. Like I said earlier, I get feels but I never cry. The last book that moved me was Matt Cain's The Secret Life of Albert Entwistle. There's something about it that spoke deeply to me.

8) What is a book you didn't even know how you felt about after? 
er... None jump to mind so I think that if I ever read a book that made me feel like that, I probably forgot about it. So... yeah... sorry for the lack of answer on this one!  

9) Are you more likely to read on a sunny or cloudy day?
I should say sunny, right? Nope, am more a cloudy day kinda person. I don't deal with heat well...

10) Do you usually “set the mood” when you read? Music, lights, smells, etc?
I sometimes listen to music while I read, but not often as I have a tendency to get distracted so I don't, normally, set the mood for my reading, but on rare occasions, I will put background music on. 

11) Can you leap from book to book or do you need buffer time between?
It depends what you mean by "leap". I usually start a new book within 24 hours of ending a read. I like to have something on the go, but I do like a little breath when I finish a book (unless it's a series and I HAVE to know what happens next!)

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  1. Loved it! Great post and it was cool getting to know you more as a reader!