Friday, 23 October 2009

Random Book Quotes

Last week on Twitter, I decided to quote three books, at random, and see what I get within the 140 character space. And this is what I got.

Tweet One: Am going 2 grab 3 random books from bookshelf and quote a random life from them three. How does that sound? Okay, let's do it! #RandomQuotes

Tweet Two: Did I just tweet "random life" instead of "random line" for my #RandomQuotes tweet? Nevermind, TO THE BOOKSHELF!!!

Tweet Three: The 3 random Books I picked up for #RandomQuotes are "The Amber Spyglass", "City of Ashes" and "Harry, A History". LET'S DO THIS!

Tweet Four: "He broke in?" Clary said in disbelief. "Simon would never do do anything that stupid and crazy." (CityofAshes, @cassieclare, #RandomQuotes)

Tweet Five: "And carrying her away from her body." (The Amber Spyglass, Philip Pullman, #RandomQuotes, page 385, @scholasticuk)

Tweet Six: "Oh my God, Melissa, it's coming now!" (Harry, A History by @melissaanelli, #RandomQuotes, page 4, said by @sueupton!)

Tweet Seven: Whoops! I quoted @sueupton & @melissaanelli wrong on last #RandomQuotes! Let me tweet that again!

Tweet Eight: "Oh my God, Melissa, it's coming NOW!" (Harry, A History by @melissaanelli, #RandomQuotes, page 4, said by @sueupton!)

(I'll probably do this again soon. I wanna do a few other books [I have a few ideas on what authors... I follow some of them on Twitter, if that's a clue.)

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