Saturday, 10 October 2009

BeforeUGo - September's Suggestions


We're in October now and because that, I need to send you a whole list of bands we discovered and updated our Twitter. (Am a bit slow when it comes to facebook! Sorry about that!)

So, here's the long list! If any names grab your attention, give them a quick Google or hunt them down on mySpace for some tracks!

Gavin Creel
Adam Webb and the Independents
Kate McGill
One eskimO
Anya Marina
The Republic Tigers
Slowly Moving Millie

Now, for Curveballs and YOUR RECOMMENDATIONS!

Refus Wainwright
Jim Bianco
Scotty Dynamo
Atlum Schema

Now, the Facebook group's and our Twitter's mission is to discover cool or interesting bands. So, if you discover a cool band or solo artist, TELL US!!!

Now, have a fab weekend!!! ROCK ON!!!

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