Monday, 19 October 2009

Twilight: The Musical?

After watching part (not all! Not yet!) of StarKid’s “A Very Potter Musical” a while ago, I had the stupid idea of the Twilight Saga being turned into a musical. All tongue-in-cheek (with Pigfarts, of course). So, while bored one day and listening to the radio, I heard Katy Perry’s song (which one, you wonder… it’s not that hard), I changed some of the words of the chorus for a Twilight: The Musical.

I kissed a vampire and I liked it,
He tasted of mountain lion chap-stick,
I kissed a vampire, Just to try it,
I hope my werewolf friend doesn’t mind it,
It felt so good, it felt so right, Doesn’t mean I’ll get bitten tonight,
I kissed a vampire and I liked it,
I liked it!

(Why, yes, I was quite bored that day!)

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