Monday, 11 January 2010

GoodRead - UK Cover Vs US Cover

Another day, another UK Cover Vs US Cover. Yes, I know it's very quick after WAKE's but I found the countdown to this book's sequel, LINGER, and felt that I HAD to do this cover real quick.

The cover in question is SHIVER by Maggie Stiefvater.

Now, this is the UK cover:

And this is the US cover:

And as you can see, there isn't much difference and yet, there's so much. Now, I love both covers for different reasons, but I love the US cover more. The white represent the snows of winter that's heavily used in the story and it looks more colder which suits the story perfectly.

But I love both book covers. So lush and wonderful. But what do you think? Do you prefer the UK cover or the US cover?

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