Saturday, 23 January 2010

So, is this a blog about 'Twilight: Graphic Novel' or about Fandoms in General?

Atom Books – UK publishers of the Twilight Saga (plus a book publisher I have high respects for) – were thrilled this morning when they released the press release saying that they had the UK publishing rights to “Twilight: The Graphic Novel”. Based of Stephenie Meyer’s bestseller and drawn by Young Kim, this new version of Twilight is meant to give a new dimension to the Twilight Saga and should react out to a new audience.

Now, as much as I am intrigued on this and how the artist retells the story (but will I buy it? Not sure, if I tell you the truth), there will be people out there who are wondering if fans wanted this or if the publishers are pushing this to make more money?

As a fan of the Saga, I don’t want future generations to look back at the Twilight Saga and remember it for cheap bic-a-bac. I want them to look back and see the books, the starting point, as the most important thing about the Twilight fandom. If not the books, then how passionate the fans were about these books.

And to me, like every fandom out there (whether that is a fandom based on a book, film, TV show, movie, etc), the most important thing is not only what started the fandom, but the fans of that fandom.

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