Friday, 21 January 2011

Cat Clarke's Launch Party

I was invited to a launch party for a debut novel, Entangled, by Cat Clarke that happened last night.

It was so cool!

Before the event, I met up with Sya from Mountain of Insteads and Lauren from I Was A Teenage Book Geek. Now, I have been Twitter-friendly with Sya for a while, but it was lovely to meet her in the flesh! Both were lovely and, because they were friendly and made me feel completely at ease, I beg you to check their blogs!

So, when the three of us turned up at the launch party, it was FULL! Loads of people turned up! And I bumped into Book Bloggers I met once before at the Atom Books Bloggers Event. I met Liz from My Favourite Books & Sarah from Feeling Fictional again and I met new bloggers. I met Carly from Writing From The Tub, Caroline from Portrait of a Woman.

There were, also, some authors there. As well as Cat herself (who I hugged! She's awesome!), there was Michelle Harrison (who I got a bit starstruck over and, because of that, I stayed away. If I did go up to her, I would have probably come across like some crazy!) & another debut author, Karen Mahoney, who I chatted to later that evening. I love her laugh! Also, the model who was on the cover of Entangled came! A "Surprise Surprise" guest!

Actually, I have a story about Karen Mahoney. When I first entered the party and bumped into Liz, she silently pointed to a woman who had her back to me. "That's Karen Mahoney," she whispered. My reaction: "Shout up!" and Liz must have seen the giddiness/hyperness in my eyes and said, quickly, "Don't hug her from behind! She's a Londoner and will beat you up!"

It was a really cool night and I really think you should read it! Go on... you know you want to...

I got a few pictures (see below), but Sarah from Feeling Fictional or @sarahreviews took loads and they look MEGA professional! And, yes, there is a photo of me. *sobs* Click here to see them!


  1. Great write up :o) It was such a fun evening & great to get to chat with you a bit this time! I think I managed to get a pic of everyone but Liz (not sure how she managed to escape but I'll get her tomorrow hehe)

  2. It was a great night, lovely to meet and chat with you. So, have you checked out Some Girls Are yet, hmm? I stand by my recommendation even now when I'm sober, it's a solid one!

  3. I know, Sarah! It was a great night and it was nice to have a chat. :)

    Am hunting Some Girls Are, Kristy. I am hunting it down...

  4. It sounds like it was a fantastic event, great write up :D