Friday, 21 January 2011

Let's Have A Random Moment, Shall We?

I thought we should have a random blog where we can have our smile on our face as today is National Hug Day! *Hugs you lovely people!*

Also, last night while at the Launch Party for the novel "Entangled" by debut author Cat Clarke, another just-published YA author, Karen Mahoney, spotted this out the corner of her eye and a few of us laughed!

No New Moon, I see... And there was me getting ready to choose a side - Twilight Saga or Warrior Cats...


  1. LMAO I must have missed this last night! Also, am I going crazy or do you have 2 blogs? I swear I'm already following you on livejournal!

  2. Yeah, I have two. I asked on twitter if I should have a Livejournal or a blogger and because no one could make up their minds, I set both up.

    I really should have one, not two. *shrugs*