Wednesday, 19 January 2011

GoodRead - Entangled

When Grace wakes up in a white room with a table, pens and paper, she has no idea how she got there. Or why she's in there.

Slowly, Grace pours her tangled, messed-up life down onto paper, she's forced to face up to everything that she's tried so hard to forget. Her friendship with Sal and her falling in love with Nat. But something is missing. Something that's too painful to remember. Something that unravelled her. What happened that was so bad that pushed Grace to a dangerous limit? And, more importantly, why is she trapped in this room?

I think I discovered this book randomly on Twitter – oh, Twitter! I love you lately with you recommending books to me! - and, after getting a WHSmith Giftcard as an early Christmas present, I picked this up (with a copy of Maggie Stiefvater's Lament and Brenna Yovanoff's The Replacement [I was in 2 minds to get this book or My Soul to Take by Rachel Vincent]) and decided to put it to my (already huge) To Be Read pile. After I finished my last book, The 13th Treasures by Michelle Harrison (not reviewing that yet! Soon, but not yet), I randomly picked it up and read. And fell quickly under the book's dark charms.

Now, there are reviews out there that some people have is that, within the first few pages, they found Grace rather hard work in liking, but I liked her. She was, to me, an typical angry teenager. But the more I read, the more I saw past the angry and the guard she put up and saw the fragile girl underneath.

Now, there are something I want to warn you. This touches on tough subjects. I knew for a while that Entangled raises the issue of self-harm, but it's not a just a “self-harm” book, but it's more. Scratch the surface of this book, and you see that there is a lot of issues and questions raised. It was like reading a storyline out of Hollyoaks. Maybe the author, Cat Clarke, should work with them...

People, I might be meeting Cat Clarke and I can say to her how much I liked/loved the book! And how I am waiting her next book impatiently...


WOW! How much does that sound like a book review! flinches away Let's ruin this image I have of myself with some music I seemed to always be listening to while I was madly reading/devouring this book... (and there was a LOT!)

(Note to self: Must do a "Books and Their Theme Songs" blog soon...)

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