Sunday, 13 February 2011

Cat Clarke's Title Reveal!!!

I am turning into a Cat Clarke mascot, aren't I? After speed reading Entangled because of a last minute invite to her Book Launch Party (and adoring the book), meeting her (awesome), and then having random twiter conversations with her (one of my faves was us plotting character deaths! Happy bunch, aren't we?), Cat revealed on Twitter a few days ago the title of the book she's writing now.

She revealed it earlier that day at a school talk she was doing (what a scoop for that school's newspaper!), and now am going to tell you lot, in case you don't know.

Cat's second novel will be called ... *drumroll please*... TORN.

Do you like it? I LOVE it myself. I am quite excited to read what this is about!

But my first reaction, after the "OMG! Wow!" reaction was the below...

Yep, I thought of Natalie Imbruglia. Maybe she will become the book's Theme Song...?

Also, I never showed you the trailer for Entangled so here it is. The song used was created by Massive Dog and, if you like, you can download it FREE!!! Go to and download Entangled.

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