Tuesday, 22 February 2011

GoodRead - UK Cover vs US Cover

As some of you know if you go back through my blog, I read the WAKE trilogy by Lisa McMann. Loved that trilogy, even though I have seen other people's reaction to the final book in the trilogy - GONE - got very mixed reactions.

And now, in the USA, Lisa's new novel has hit bookshelves. It's called CRYER'S CROSS. But, when it hits the UK in the summer (Lisa McMann tweeted me that it was Summer, not March as was first told), it will have a title changed called THE MISSING (no idea why. I tweeted Lisa [@lisa_mcmann] to ask if she knew why and she said the UK publisher decided to.)

Anyhow, let's compare the covers. Let's start with the US version with the true title, CRYER'S CROSS...

And now, to the UK cover with the new title, THE MISSING...

Ok, before I go anyway, I must state one thing first: I HATE THE TITLE CHANGE! I prefer CRYER'S CROSS to THE MISSING! To me, CRYER'S CROSS just sounds darker and creepier than THE MISSING.

Now, the covers... am torn. Don't get me wrong. I really like the US cover. It's dark and edgy and there is a "READ ME NOW!" vibe to it. But it's very similar to the WAKE trilogy covers and I worry that people will look at it and go "Oh. It's another WAKE book." It's not. From what I've read on reviews and heard on audiobook teasers, it's nothing like WAKE.

However, I do like the UK cover. It's very art-like. And, from what I've read in reviews, the girl on the UK cover looks like the main character in this book, Kendall. But, as I haven't read the story, I have no idea if she does look like Kendall or not.

But, out of the two, I prefer the US cover. It's just creepy. Plus, it will go with the rest of the WAKE trilogy I have. So, yeah, selfish-ish reason. But what do you guys think? Do you prefer the US cover over the UK? And how do you feel about the titles? LET ME KNOW!

Also, here are some videos about Cryer's Cross and Lisa chatting about the book. Enjoy!


  1. I'm not a fan of the new UK title. I know publishers do that sometimes if they think the original title won't work so well in that country or something, but for me 'The Missing'...well, it doesn't inspire much past thinking oh it'll just be some mystery. Cryer's Cross though makes me go 'ooh' and want to know more.

    Cover wise, I really like the US cover. The creepy of having the title 'scratched' in to the desk with no one there works for me. The UK cover doesn't work for me at all. The dead doll look of the girl is creepy-off putting rather than creepy-want to know more. I'd pick Cryer's Cross up without knowing anything, don't think I would The Missing. Lucky for me, I love the Wake trilogy and will buy it anyways!

  2. I'm with you, I dont like the name change!! However, I think both covers are very, very good. I would buy them.

    thanks for posting out interview!!!!

    love ya!

  3. WOW! That's a huge change from the US to the UK title. I'm not a fan when they change titles. They just did that for Rachel Hawkin's Demonglass too. I can see changing up the cover just a little bit, but not completely changing the title and giving the cover a whole new make over.

  4. I totally agree... not a fan of title changes... The US titles of the Wardstone Chronicles by Joseph Delaney are brutal... When I was reading them I ordered them from the UK because Canadian bookstores carry the US titles....

  5. I agree with you all. I do understand that, sometimes, titles have to be changed. But "The Missing" seems bland compared to "Cryer's Cross".

    They've changed Demonglass, MundieMoms? What have they changed it to?

    And you're welcome, Girls in the Stacks. I always like your YouTubes interviews. Always seem to smile after watching them.