Tuesday, 5 April 2011

GoodRead - Red Riding Hood (Bonus Chapter)

Afew weeks ago, I read the novel version of Red Riding Hood (Thanks Atom Books), but the final chapter was missing making you guys go see the film so you find out the truth about the Wolf.

Now, last night, I somehow got my hands on this Bonus Chapter (don't ask me how! I just did! Maybe through the US publishers) and... er... I never saw THAT coming! Am going to keep it quiet but I thought you better know that I have read it and I am not sure if I like this Bonus Chapter. It doesn't exactly end the way I suspect... It was a surprise, and if I was more on the ball, I should have seen it. But I didn't so... yeah...

Oh, all right then! This is the Wolf...


  1. Oooh the intrigue!! I'm going to see the movie on Thursday, so we'll have to discuss if the end is the same ;)

  2. Oh! You can tell me if how the film is! And your reactions to who the Wolf is (without spoiling!)