Wednesday 14 December 2011

Walker Books Blogger Event

On Saturday, a few bloggers and I gathered outside a pub - The Coach and Horses pub - on a very cold morning and getting quite excited. Because we were invited to a Blogger Event organised by Walker Books as part of their YA section, UNDERCOVER READS! It was lovely to be invited as I haven't been on their radar for long. Plus it was lovely to meet up with all the awesome blogggers again, as they are awesome.

So, treated to tea, finger sandwiches and cakes, we all sat down and got told some exciting books that Walker are publishing under their Undercover range (which is continuing into 2012 as it was so popular and successful in 2011). Jack told us the interesting story on how a cover for upcoming novel, Daylight Saving, and on the idea on how the countdown (see below) came into existence. And, with that, Edward Hogan (author of Daylight Saving and two adult novels, Blackmoor and The Hunger Trace) talked about how he wrote Daylight Saving (by accident and from one scary experience when he was ten and at Centre Parcs in Sherwood Forest [thanks. Am going there in the next few months...])

So, not going to talk about all the books, but here are a few that I think you should keep your eyes and ears open for:

DAYLIGHT SAVING by Edward Hogan - a thriller ghost story set in a Center Parcs-like setting. The cover is below (it's basically the timer with a cool watery effect) and I am very excited about this. I want books that will have me on the edge of my seat, and this sounds perfect! I NEED to read this book!

BODY BLOW by Peter Cocks - the second book in the Eddie Savage series. I am ashamed to say I do have the prequel, Long Reach, in my To Read pile. And this sounds like a gripping tale that will praise Alex Rider fans with its dark grit.

FROSTBITE by Zoe Marriott - If I didn't write briefly about this, I sense Laura from SisterSpooky and Leanne from District YA would get very angry at me. There was shock when I told people that I hadn't read Zoe's first novel, Shadows of the Moon. So much so (from both Walker Books and every blogger), one member of Walker (I think it was Ruth) thrust a copy in my hands and ordered me to read it when I can find the time. But this is dark fantasy that tackles love triangles, war and racial identity. This actually might be something I could read...

It was lovely and exciting to hear of cool books to come and I would like to thank everyone from Walker for inviting me. I would like to thank Edward for coming and chatting about Daylight Saving and thank you to everyone who come as it was such a fun morning!


PS - was I the only one who thought that one of the Walkers' ladies looked like the singer Sia?
PPS - In future, Carly (from Writing In The Tub) and myself are dangerous together. Just dangerous...


  1. What a nice picture of Edward. A lot better than the photoagraph I took. It was a fabulous event.

  2. Sounds like so much fun! Really gutted I couldn't attend :| Daylight Saving sounds SO good! Thanks for bringing it to my attention :)