Friday, 9 December 2011

YA Readers (As Reported By Channel 4 News)

On Wednesday, Channel 4 News (produced my ITN) did a small report on YA genre in books, stating where as adult fiction has decreased in UK sales, YA books have increased.

Here is the report in question.

PS - am going to say nothing about the reporter just "putting" Twilight back on the shelf. WRONG PLACE! WRONG FLIPPING PLACE!!!


  1. Is it sad that I did an excited squee when I saw they were filming in Foyles? :o) It's strange they didn't mention that more and more adults are reading YA fiction, I'm pretty sure that the growth of YA isn't just down to teens buying the books. Us book bloggers were probably responsibl for buying a rather large percentage of those books lol

  2. I agree with you Sarah. I don't think it is just because of the teenagers buying them, I think the adults buying them have affected sales too.