Thursday 5 January 2012


Yesterday, the lovely Rosi sent out the new UK covers for Divergent and its sequel, Insurgent, by Veronica Roth. And here they are!

Now, I love the original cover of Divergent and I am really like the US cover for Insurgent. But, I get why Harper Collins decide to change the UK covers. These covers look more Hunger Games-like and as most of us bloggers raved that Divergent is the next Hunger Games, it's easy to understand why HarperCollins went down this route.

I do like the new cover of Insurgent with the burning leaves. Though I do think this is a grower of a cover.

But what are your reactions to the new UK covers?


  1. I'm definitely more of a fan of the US covers. I'm also finding that I'm getting more annoyed that the UK has to have different covers to the US or Australia or anywhere else. Sometimes they can be good, but in this case, I don't think it works. For example, the cover for Insurgent in the US has the symbol for Amity on it. Book covers form a big part of a book, and the Insurgent cover I think shows us something very important about the novel. Although I do like the three birds on the Divergent cover...

  2. I like both US and UK covers equally, I like the UK ones because of the colours, but I love the US ones because of their symbolism!