Friday 6 January 2012

The Pledge UK & US Covers

As you guys know, I love Kimberly Derting. I simply love the Body Finder series and I know I have got several people into this series! So, when I discovered that Kimberly had written a dystopian novel, The Pledge, I got very excited, but could find no information on if this book was coming to the UK.

Recently, the UK cover has been revealed (the UK publisher is Allison & Busby, the UK home for the Morganville Vampires series by Rachel Caine) and I thought I would do a compare of the UK & the US covers!

This is the US cover:

And this is the UK cover:

I love both of them. I have a copy of the US (I didn't know till a few weeks ago that we were going to get this in the UK and am going to read soon!) and I love the gothicness of the US cover. However, I love how the UK cover is white. It feels rare to see a white book cover!

But what do you guys think? Do you prefer the dark US cover or the white UK cover?


  1. I generally dislike covers with models on them - I like to be able to imagine a character without having an image subscribed to me. However, if pushed, I'd go with the American cover, although I do like the detailing on the UK one. Basically, I prefer the one where you can see less of her features.

  2. Honestly, I prefer the US one just a little bit more, it's striking!

    This post reminds me I still need to read The Body Finder *pushes it up the list* :D