Tuesday, 3 April 2012


You read that right! After how ever many months of me going "I'm Going To Do An International Contest soon...", "Still Soon" and "Right after I eat this Orea Cheesecake" (one of my old work chums makes the most amazing Oreo Cheesecake!), I am finally getting my finger (and credit card) and to give you guys this contest as a small thank you for reading my blog, chatting to me on Twitter and general making reading and review a fun (yet at times, hair raising) experience. And I wanted to give you all an Easter treat...

So, what am I giving away? Well, I am giving you £15 of books through the Book Depository, as they will ship books to most places ROUND THE WORLD (if you're not sure if they ship to you, quickly go there now and check. If they do, BRILLIANT! You can enter!).

And what you do with the £15 (or what that equals up to in your local currency) is up to you. You can order a book that you are dying to read, get a book preordered, get the book that's linked to the latest movie, get a different country's version of a book you love or treat yourself to a book that's not available in your country...

I could list books that you might like or want, but I won't. The list will be long and there's no point as, if you win, the choice of whatever book you want (within the price range) will be yours!

So, if you want to enter, check if The Book Depository to see if they send books to your country, fill in the form below, and good luck! The competition will close on Easter Sunday at 9pm BST (so, after the UK [and I] finish watching Once Upon A Time]). Again, Good luck and thank you!