Monday, 30 July 2012

Andrea Cremer News

As you guys are probably aware, I love Andrea Cremer's Nightshade trilogy. I love it and I want the prequel, Rift, like yesterday (but it's not out for another week. Excuse me while I sulk in the corner over there...)

But, news has reached me that Andrea Cremer will be writing another trilogy set in the world of Nightshade for adults. HORRAY! But wait... hold on to your horses, I have a sentence that might throw you all in gasps of horror. The trilogy will be adult erotica.

Now, I know I've lost half of you by using that one word and, like you, I see that word and want to run. Run and hide under my bed. But as this is Andrea Cremer, I'm not really running away. I'm actually intrigued over where Andrea could go with this. As it's going to be for an adult target audience, she has more freedom to write sexier and more violent scenes (if you've read Nightshade, you understand how violent it gets...)

We have two books to come before we have the new trilogy thrust upon us (Rift [out next week in the UK] and its sequel, Rise [sometime next year. Summer at the latest]) and I am intrigued over what Andrea writes, I do hold some worry that this might mess up my love for the series.

But, until I actually read the book (oh yes, I'm going to read this), which is coming out in the US around October 2013 (no news if this trilogy will/has been picked up by a UK publisher), I will hold judgement. All I know is old and mew characters will feature and there will be kick-ass leads. This makes me happy.

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  1. I'm not at all up to date with the Nightshade series (I've only read the first book but have the next 2 and Rift on my to read pile) but you can definitely count me in as one of the people who will be picking up the adult series! I'll have to make sure I'm caught up before it comes out though if there is going to be some crossover of characters :o)