Tuesday 3 July 2012

The Casual Vacancy - Cover Revealed!

Earlier today (while I was attacking Zoe Marriott's Frostfire), Little Brown revealed what the cover of JK Rowling's first adult novel The Casual Vacancy would look like:

What do you guys think? Most of people's reactions on Twitter has been "It's a bit underwhelming". 

But I think that's the point. It has to be different from Harry Potter and this is different! Us Potterheads can't pick it apart looking for clues. This is the same reaction to when John Green revealed the cover for The Fault in Our Stars. And look at us now? We LOVE that book and we've grown to love the cover!

This is a grown-up cover for a grown-up book! And I like that! Bring on September! 

Also, more news has been revealed. Little Brown has confirmed that it will be 512 pages long (YEAH!) and the audiobook version will be read by Tom Hollander, who has been in two of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, Gosford Park, Pride and Prejudice with Keria Knightley and the BBC2 smash hit, Rev

Like I said before, BRING ON SEPTEMBER!

PS - While researching this article, I have been looking at the Autumn Catalogue for Little Brown this year. Shouldn't have done that! I now have a small list of books I want to read: Scott Mills autobiography, America Pacifica (which I actually have!), Will Young's autobiography, Judy Finnigan's debut novel and goodness knows how many from Atom... Plus with Miranda Hart's "autobiography" (I use the term loosely) being published by Hodder, I sense the latter part of this year and the beginning of 2013 to be a mix of YA fun to meaty "grown-up" reads. Sorry in advance! 

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