Thursday, 12 July 2012

GoodRead - Frostfire

In December last year, I went to the Walker Books' Blogger Event and, without thinking, I mentioned that I hadn't read Zoe Marriott before. Oh my goodness! The reactions and looks I got! It was like I was eating Kettle Chips in the quiet coach of a train... So much so, someone pushed a copy of Shadows on the Moon in my hands and told me to read it.

I haven't read it.

So, when Hannah from Walker Books asked if I wanted to be involved in the Frostfire Blog Tour (tomorrow! Come back tomorrow if you're following the tour...), I went "Sure". And, of course, because I wanted to be involved in the tour, I got a copy of the book and dived into the book!

In this companion (not sequel, companion!) novel to Daughter of the Flames, Frost is possessed by a wolf demon that takes control of her if she sees the sight of her own blood.

While she's fleeing for her life, Frost is captured by a band of warriors sworn to protect the county, and it's here that Frost finds herself slowly being drawn to the charismatic leader, Luca, and find herself being despised by his second in command, Arian. But how can Frost protect the people she's slowly cares about, when the person they should be fearful of is herself...

Right, where to start on this? Er... oh, how I wish I read this author sooner!

I started reading this, thinking it was going to be a thick, slow read and, instead, I flew through this, simply falling in love with this story. I fell in love with the story of Frost as she finds her place in the Hill Guard and her place in the world, while slowly peeling the story away to discover the truth behind her nightmare and why she's possessed with the wolf demon.

And with Luca and Arian... oh, I can't say anything! I fear that, if I do, it will spoil the book!

But I fell under this book's spell. So much so that there was one point that I almost threw the book across the room in fury! "How could Zoe do that to that one character?! I LOVE that character! HOW DARE SHE!"

I adore this book. I know all you fantasy fans will love it and, soon, I will read Shadows on the Moon. I will correct this mistake!


  1. Zoe is an amazing author. You really must read Shadows On The Moon too.

    1. I might save it for Xmas after I read The Knife of Never Letting Go (yes, I have planned my Christmas reads this year...)

  2. awesome review! I just finished this yesterday and loved every second, as i have with all Zoes other books too! I cannot help but love her writing and style and seriously, read Shadows soon!!