Tuesday, 18 December 2012

GoodRead - The Christmas Bake Off

Is it that time of year again? Yes, my blogger reading chums, Christmas is next week! NEXT WEEK! Am I the only one a little bit scared about this fact? No? Just me... ok. Well, to get you guys in the mood, I am going to read this Free (at the time of writing this review) eNovella, The Christmas Bake Off.

The only reason I discovered this was because another book blogger - Stacey from Pretty Books (Blog & Tumblr) - tweeted that she downloaded this book and my instant thought was The Great British Bake Off and knew I had to download it.

In the small town of Skipley village, Christmas is round the corner. And this means one thing: the Christmas Bake Off! And the whole village is involved... Kate enters the Bake Off as she dreams of baking stardom. Rachel enters to prove that she's more than a stay-at-home mum. John enters to impress the woman he loves. Bea enters just because she enters cooking.

So, when sabotage is discovered, everyone wonders who would go that far?

This is a really fast Christmas read. I read this within half an hour, but it was a fun (and free) Christmas read. And it made me hungry for biscuits, which was good as there was two biscuits recipes so I sense I will be baking in the coming few days... Anyway, I think this will get you ready for the Christmas build up. If not that, then for the food...!

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