Thursday, 13 December 2012

GoodRead - The Lovestruck Goddess

I'm not sure I want to explain the whole "Why is this in The Goddess Legacy in the USA while in the UK, it's released as a separate eNovella?". I tried to explain this on my review for God of Thieves, another eNovella from Aimee Carter, but not sure if I explained it well...

So, The Lovestruck Goddess follows Aphrodite, who finds herself falling for one god but might be forced to marry another by her Daddy, Zeus. So, Aphrodite runs away with the man she loves with a fiery passion, but when he leaves to fulfil his duties, where does this leave Aphrodite...? And, being the goddess of love, how much about love does she really know...?

Like with God of Thieves, I read this very quickly. And it was interesting to read Ava (as she's known in the Goddess Test [and I still haven't read Goddess Interrupted]) point of view so I sense this is more touched upon in Goddess Interrupted and The Goddess Inheritance. And she was one character I did want to know more about while I was reading The Goddess Test so this helped a bit in understanding her.

I have two problems. First, the love story. One of them happens very quickly and I wonder, now am writing this, if Aphrodite is actually in love or lust. Maybe this is me overthinking the story. My second problem is eNovella price but that isn't the author's fault so I will let this slide. This is, again, a fan read (and as I am a fan of the series, this is a good thing for me) so if you love the series and want more, this is perfect for you! If you're new to the series, then I would say read this at your peril as this want hint to the main story (which is a good thing for spoilers) but if you read The Goddess Test after this, you might be a little bit confused over how this is connected to the trilogy.

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