Monday, 31 December 2012

Thank You

I know. I know it's a Monday and I know you want a SMILE post. I do. But I wanted to write a small New Year's message to you guys. I doubt you'll read this but... oh well! 

This is just a thank you. Thank you! THANK YOU! Thank you to each and every one of you who made this year awesome for me. From the publishers who (foolishly) sent me books to read and review. To authors who wrote wonderful, heartbreak, perfect stories (and who I met, hugged and almost fainted at their feet *cough* JK Rowling *cough*) To fellow book bloggers all over the world (but mainly to my fellow UK YA book bloggers) who have always made blogging and reading exciting and fun! And who have, always, welcomed me (and my weirdness) into the blogsphere! Thank you to my friends who have seen me go hyper over the weirdest of books and other things. Thank you to my family who I love beyond words and who have kept me mildly human and having a life away from books (does that even exist?). Thank you to my other half, who I love more than I thought possible and who bribes me with hugs when I getting into a fit of fury when I'm not enjoying a book (try it. It works). And to you, dear reader. Thank you for reading my blog, even when I doubt if my opinion matters.

Basically, am writing this post in this kinda mood...

2012 was a brilliant year. And here's to 2013, an even better year! I hope you have a wonderful New Year as well. 

And yes, I will try and keep my blog as weird as possible. Like Mike said in Friends:

(The GIFS come from CassJayTuck & FYeahFriendsGIFS. Just sharing the love...)

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  1. Yay - a great year, and you are now a PUBLISHED AUTHOR don't forget! Happy New Year xx