Thursday, 20 December 2012

GoodRead - Dash & Lily's Book of Dares

Next week's CHRISTMAS! So, to get you guys in the mood, let's review another Christmas-feel of a book!

While stalking the shelves at his fave bookshop, Dash finds a red moleskin notebook, filled with dares. Curious to see what happens next, he does the dares... Lily doesn't expect anyone to fall for her brother's "lucky-in-love" plan. So when she gets a call, saying someone did her dares and returned to moleskin, Lily is thrilled and surprised.

Slowly, the two use to the book to dare each other all over New York and, while doing so, fall slowly in love with each other. Expect they haven't met. So, will they take the biggest dare and meet face-to-face and will they on-page chemistry exist in real life...

Last year, I read Let It Snow and guest reviewed it for Mountains of Instead. I was sent the copy from my lovely pal in the USA, Sasha. I loved it as it felt like a cup of hot chocolate, perfect for this time of year. And with Jo from Once Upon a Bookcase letting me read her copy of Boy Meets Boy by David Levithan earlier this year (and making me go "OMG! I LOVE THIS BOOK!"), so when Mira Ink asked if I wanted to read this, I said yes without thinking. I wanted to read more David Levithan and I had high hopes that this will be like more reading Let It Snow...

And I loved this. This is a perfect Christmas read. It was light, fluffy, sugary read and had me smiling while I was reading this, whether I was in bed or on the way to work on the Park and Ride bus. It's a very chick-flick book and with rumours on Twitter that the movie rights to this book have been sold, I am very happy!

This is a Christmas read, which made me lust for snow and want me to return for New York, so I doubt you guys want to read this in, say, the middle of Summer (unless you are a TOTAL Christmas fanatic like Lily), but this is a lovely Xmas read!

I'm sorry this is short review. And I'm sorry that the book's Theme Song is more a Summer song than a winter song, but you know... Sometimes, short things are quite sweet. Plus, aren't you all meant to be doing last minute Christmas shopping? No... just me, then... Of course, I've got all my presents. Of course I have... *rushes off with his credit card* HELP ME!

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